Introducing: Daily Reset & Recalibrate

Weekly guided Qigong & Yin Yoga on-demand. PLUS: Breath 101 Course (FREE FOREVER).


In This Program...


Master your body's breath energy


Access anytime for daily Qi Gong practice.


Refine clarity and vision in your life


Expand with purpose and presence


Tap into motivation, creativity, and change


Engage your pulse of being & bring a new level of vibrancy into  living 

Ebb and flow. Wax and Wane. Inhale and exhale.

These are the ways of the natural world from which we are woven. Reset & Recalibrate is simple, succinct, and compact enough to fit into anyone's daily rhythm.

Join today and say: 

  • YES to your vibrancy.
  • YES to your health.
  • YES to living and thriving 

Daily Reset & Recalibrate

The ultimate accountability partner you’ve been waiting for to step into cultivating your energy and your health

Daily Practice

Weekly Reset & Recalibrate 

A weekly journey into the seasonal energies as they flow through your system- informing, aligning, and empowering you to deepen your own body matrix into the larger wisdom system of nature.

Each week a new 15-minute practice is released that can be accessed on-demand. The weekly lessons are designed to be used daily as a whole-body check-in 

Seasonally Relevant

Practices for the Season

Weekly crafted practices are rooted in ancient, time-tested lineages- refined and delivered to you in a seasonally relevant, ultra-easy-to-understand way.

Interact with Elza and other participants in a digital community centered around the philosophy of wellbeing. 

Gain access to tailored: recommended reading, listening, recipes, and other supporting materials to empower your lifestyle and creativity. 

Reset & Recalibrate 

Daily with Reasons Mag 

Access powerful practices to create a deep healing potential from the arts of:

  • Dao Yin 
  • Qi Gong
  • Energy Medicine  
  • Philosophy & Lifestyle Medicine  

Health is all about the daily habits that build over time. These daily practices are designed to keep you engaged through simple bite-size formats that create wellness and vibrant health.

BONUS: Free Breath 101 Qigong

A unique practice for Sunrise and Sunset (100% FREE FOREVER)

Greet the day with a simple sunrise Qi Gong practice to welcome in vitality and energy for the day 

Release into the evening with a simple sunset practice to clear and wash through your energy body. 

Rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit with an energizing Qi Gong practice to build energy and focus. 

(FREE) Explore over 3 hours of practices and lectures on the topics of: 

  • Oxygen & Healing 
  • History of Qi Gong 
  • 4 Diaphragms of Breath 
  • Standing Qi Gong 


Enhance your health, reduce stress, and connect to something deeper



Your first week is FREE

  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to the Breath 101 course FREE FOREVER (Even if you cancel your subscription)
  • Try it FREE for 1 week. Then only $19.99/Mo
  • Cancel anytime
  • Also includes a monthly member's only newsletter
  • Access to all past releases on-demand


$200/Yr (Save $40)

First Week FREE...PLUS: Mastering Stress Course 100% Free ($49 Value)

  • First week 100% FREE
  • Access to the Breath 101 course FREE FOREVER (Even if you cancel your subscription) 
  • $89 in total savings
  • Includes lifetime access to the Mastering Stress course
  • Also includes a monthly member's only newsletter
  • Access to all past releases on-demand

You Also Get...

Seasonal Health

Practices, recipes, and guidance inspired by modern and ancient wisdom.

The Podcast

The Podcast features special guests, education, and practices you can integrate into your life.

Supportive Community

Reasons & Season is a place where you can bond with others around shared values, needs and goals.

Digital Magazine

An interactive, immersive experience including audio, video, yoga, qi gong, recipes and healing arts!

Take Your RESET & RECALIBRATION Journey with Elza

Integrative Medicine Professional with 20+ Years Experience

Elzabieta Kosmicki

Elzabieta has professional credentials in BodyTalk, Classical Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, Somatic Therapy, Women’s and Children’s Health, Eastern and Western Herbalism, Qi Gong, and Martial Arts.  

Over the last 15 years, her full-time clinical practice in integrative health has included community health, public health, and private practice.

She currently offers professional level certification courses In BodyTalk, Advanced Manual Therapy,  distance healing, and classes in the art of Dao Yin Yoga, Qi Gong and Enshin Karate at her Dojo In Crestone, Colorado.


About Reasons & Season

Reasons & Season is a seasonal blog, podcast and digital magazine focused on holistic wellness for each season.

We create and curate content designed to help you thrive during each season and it's corresponding element.

We provide Qi Gong and Yin Yoga instruction, seasonal recipes, and teacher led training courses.