The Three Months Of Autumn

autumn lifestyle metal element music Oct 26, 2021

Press play above for a auditory exploration of the season of autumn 


"The three months of autumn

They denote taking in and balance.

The qi of heaven becomes tense.

The qi of earth becomes bright.

Go to rest early and rise early, Get up together with the chicken.

Let the mind be peaceful and tranquil so as to temper the punishments carried out in autumn.

Collect the spirit qi and cause the autumn qi to be balanced.

Do not direct your mind to the outside and cause the lung qi to be clear.

This is the correspondence with the qi of autumn and it is the way to nourish gathering.

Opposing it harms the lung In winter this cause the outflow of undigested food and there is little to support storage"

-Nei Jing Su Wen


Lifestyle medicine is rooted in the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the universe centered around the right actions in effortless alignment of the the cycles of time. The Ancient Text of the Ne Jing Su Wen details learning to live in balance by cultivating relationship with the seasons. By following the energy of the directional movement of the season we can build out daily behavior that reflects natures pattern language. These simple guidelines spill into the practices of daily rhythm and activities that go with the grain of change and support the coming season assuring stability amidst change. Each seasons weather patterns, growth phases and energetic qualities of moment can be looked to for questions on how to move, dress, eat, act and explore our inner terrain. 

As we look into how this wisdom is applied to modern living in the autumn season there are a few key behaviors that will help us stay in balance with nature. 

Autumn time corresponds with the metal element which rules the lung and large intestine. The actions of taking in breath, attaching and detaching and eliminating waste are highlighted at this time. This time of year is a powerful time for release and letting go of things that do not serve us. To support this process take time to eliminate things you do not need bit by bit. We can look to the falling leaves to see them trickling little by little to the ground until a large gust of wind clears them out. Our release can be similar at this time by inviting in a gentle unwinding and release until we're ready and have worked up the dispersing energy for a purge. 

Letting go can be in the form of: 

  • Relationships
  • Materials & clutter 
  • Habits & patterns 
  • Old grudges 
  • Greif 
  • Control 

Autumn season connects us to our breath and the lungs which are responsible for our relationship with the environment. Each breath in invites the world into our being and each breath out carries our inner world out t the world through our words, intentions and prayers. Taking note of slowing down to observe the breath and calculate its profound ability to nourish and create connection in and out is a beautiful spiritual practice that will also help us to take inventory of what's important to hold on to and what were ready to release


According to the classics we take 13,500 inhales and exhales a day. What if were were to become conscious of even 10% of this breaths and focus all out intention into their power? This time of year is when the mind turns inwards and focuses on the internal terrain of the body. The undertaking of a breath practice is a powerful way to transform wellbeing, vitality and strength and gain an inner intimacy of turning inwards; this time of year we are primed to expand this aspect of our health. Interested in gaining deeper intimacy with breath? check out my FREE BREATH 101 Course and learn about the physiology, anatomy and consciences of breath through embodies practices of breathing and qi gong. 

Supporting Lungs in Autumn Time 

  • Drink and eat warming spices and teas 
  • Cover nose and mouth during cold snaps 
  • Practice Qi Gong 
  • Reduce dairy and sugar intake 
  • Adopt a daily breath practice 

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Original music production to reflect the energy of the autumn season:

Meandering Descent by Ichiban 

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