Stand In your Power

breath 101 lifestyle medicine philosphy Nov 10, 2021

Most of us have been fooled into believing we are powerless. Moments of insight and inspiration get consumed in an ocean of blue light and unrest. We are often left wondering, will I ever get my head above water? 

I have a revolutionary proclamation for you today. One hidden in plain sight that's been uttered from the lips of the Masters time and time again.


People are waking up to this truth everyday and rewriting their lives based on the wisdom of their inner compass, not some status quo. Folks spend fortunes on self help and coaching to spark and maintain this inner clarity. While surely that is money well spent, I want to share something with you that is completely effective and FREE. 


I believe in your capacity to stand in your power AND lead from that power. I come from a school of thought that sees everyone as leaders, each in their own way. There are front-of-the-room leaders and back-of-the-room leaders. Leaders who speak out fiercely and leaders who live as the example, silently demonstrating what it looks like to live with integrity day in and day out. Those who invest in themselves and therefore, have something to share with others. 


What kind of leader are you? 

If martial arts has taught me anything, it is the complete essentiality of training. When I look out at the world today, I see times of confusion and adversity that can and will swallow us whole if some kind of training, cultivating, developing stability and centeredness is not utilized.  


I turn to the practice of Standing Meditation, or Standing Qi Gong, over and over again to attune to my inner terrain, transform elements that are no longer serving my world and align my breath with my center of power. This is part of my FREE Breath 101 Course , check it out and start practicing today.


This practice is one of the most powerful things that I find as an investment into my own mental, physical and emotional health. It has been utilized for centuries for restoration and healing. 


This potent practice will help you:

  • build stamina and strength
  • unwrap physical and emotional trauma
  • clear energetic blocks
  • transcend the minds attachments
  • find and maintain equilibrium
  • normalize your nervous system
  • calm your mind 
  • build resilience
  • learn to face challenges with equanimity

In essence, this practice is about standing aligned and breathing. Simple, right? You give attention to embodying yourself, transforming awareness breath by breath, moment by moment; building your ability to ‘be with’ whatever is present. We learn to adjust the subtlest of perceptions, cultivating the capacity to stay upright through whatever may arise. 


You see, we are required to stand for something in this life. It is when we embrace the ongoing work of learning to stand strong and clear within ourselves, that we can really begin to take a stand for anything else.


Join me in practicing the Standing Meditation as part of the FREE Breath 101 Course and together, let's grow our capacity to embody our authentic power, leading with heart and inner wisdom in these trying times and beyond. 


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