Community Learning Intensives 

Welcome to a place where knowledge meets action, and connections grow deeper with every shared experience. We're not just about learning; we're about bringing that learning to life through our community-intensive workshops. Designed for those passionate about human consciousness, health, ecological design, culture and creative expression; our workshops offer a unique blend of hands-on learning, practical application, and community building.

2024-2025 Calendar

Health Education 

Learn tangible skills and tools for personal and community health. Explore the healing arts for self development or to enhance your clinical practice with various workshop  opportunities. 

Ecological Learning 

Dig into service based actions that support biodiversity and ecological harmony. Learn skills and philosophy from indigenous land management, permaculture design and syntropic agro forestry. 

Movement Intensives 

Awaken your potential with group training intensives in Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Yoga, Dance, Functional Movement, Postural Balance as well as overall fitness and flexibility. 

Weave into our tapestry of multigenerational learning 

Our unique approach to education is deeply rooted in the natural rhythms of the year. Our year-round seasonal homeschool curriculum is designed not just to educate but to inspire and engage, with each season bringing its own lessons, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Central to this vibrant educational journey are our learning intensives‚ÄĒdynamic, immersive experiences that serve as both the culmination of our ongoing lessons and a celebration of the knowledge and skills our learners have developed.


Bridging Learning & Community: Our Special Learning Intensives

We believe in the power of community and the value of sharing knowledge beyond our homeschool walls. Our learning intensives are designed not only as pivotal moments in our homeschool curriculum but also as open invitations for the broader community to connect, learn, and grow with us. These special workshops offer unique opportunities for both our students and community members to gain valuable skills and certifications, particularly in the realm of health, ecology, movement and culture.

Discover the Transformative Power of Learning at Our Rural Campus in the Colorado Mountains

Nestled in the heart of the majestic Colorado mountains, our rural campus at Reasons & Season offers more than just a backdrop for learning; it provides a sanctuary where minds can explore, bodies can be nurtured, and spirits can soar. This serene setting is not just a location but a cornerstone of our learning intensives, creating an environment where every aspect is designed to foster growth, reflection, and profound transformation.

2024-2025 Workshop Calander 

Decomposition Workshop 

October 11-13th 2025 

Explore the hands on application of all types of composting systems. Learn theory and practice of composting for soil health 

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BodyTalk ACCESS 

January 3-5th 2025 

Learn 5 energetic based techniques for individual and community health. Empower your in home wellness or enhance your clinical practice 

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Agro Forestry

 April 11-14th 2025 

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May 23-26th 2025 

Tap into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind while learning ways of engaging intuition at will and enhancing creative and intuitive abilities

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