Health Education As a Pillar of Self Mastery 

Health education is the backbone of our curriculum and serves as a framework for supporting each students self awareness and physical vitality. By equipping our students with ancient and modern knowledge of how their mind, body and spirit works we hope to catalyze a lifelong journey of discovery, growth, expression and purpose. 

Our Program is designed to help students gain the keys to cultivating their mental, physical and emotional health to lead happy and fulfilling lives...


Mental, spiritual and physical well-being 


Living authentically and integrated with mind, body & spirit 


Purpose, clarity and vision for their future 


Expand with purpose and presence


Limiting circumstances, trauma, habits and narratives 

Becoming Barefoot Doctors 

Barefoot doctors, a concept that originated in China during the Cultural Revolution, has played a pivotal role in advancing health equity and empowering communities, especially in rural and underserved areas. This innovative approach to healthcare delivery and education, though rooted in a specific historical and cultural context, offers timeless lessons on the importance of accessible, community-based health services and health empowerment

The importance of barefoot doctors in advancing health equity and community empowerment cannot be overstated. Their approach to healthcare delivery, rooted in accessibility, prevention, and holistic well-being, offers a powerful blueprint for addressing today's health challenges. For our students, embracing these principles can enhance their mission and purpose in life and foster a healthier, more equitable world.

Students will be equipped with the basic working and applied  knowledge of being a Barefoot Doctor for themselves. Having these tools will promote self care and self empowerment for a lifetime. Additionally students will be primed to pursue clinical training or advanced studies in medicine if inspired to do so. 


Curriculum Framework 

Anatomy & Physiology 

The study of human consciousness through the lens of eastern and western  anatomy and physiology is important for self-realization and empowerment because it deepens self-awareness, recognizes the mind-body connection and promotes a holistic approach to health. 

Our approach to this area of learning is offering a wide breadth of knowledge from ancient wisdom traditions and modern understandings of human form and consciousness. 

Behavioral Health & Culture 

Emphasis on behavioral health through the lens of culture has immense value. It fosters cultural competence, promotes self-awareness, reduces stigma, facilitates the development of culturally relevant strategies, cultivates empathy and understanding, and strengthens community connections. By incorporating cultural perspectives, we can empower students to navigate their own mental health, understand the experiences of others, and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive society.

Key Values of this approach:

  • Promotion Of Cultural Competence
  • Enhances Self-Identity and Belonging
  • Encourages Critical Thinking
  • Supports Holistic Health Education
  • Builds Empathy and Social Skills

Food As Medicine & Tonic Herbalism  

Learning about the concept of "food as medicine" and the practice of tonic herbalism offers tremendous value and fosters a deeper connection to nature and the environment. It encourages an appreciation for the natural world and its role in health and wellness, promoting sustainable living practices. 
  • Empowers Personal Health Management¬†
  • Enhances Nutritional Knowledge¬†
  • Fosters a Connection to Nature¬†
  • Offers Alternative Health Solutions¬†
  • Promotes Preventative Health¬†
  • Cultivates Community and Sharing

Mindfulness Based Movement Training 

Through incorporating mindfulness-based movement and exercise into learning, especially in the context of health and fitness, students benefit from a holistic approach that supports both physical and mental well-being. Our daily movement programs enhance students comprehensive learning experience that not only supports physical health but also promotes mental well-being, focus, and lifelong learning.

Benefits include: 

  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Memory Retention
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Promotion Of Self-Efficacy
  • Facilitates Deeper Learning¬†

Skills & Application  

Our team of teachers and facilitators have decades of real world application in the healing arts, as researchers, clinicians and educators. We offer practical application based learning so students can care for themselves and become educated health care consumers in the future. By placing tools back into the hands of individuals we are not only supporting self empowerment but contributing to health equity of our community.  

Sample Course Curriculum   

  • Eastern & Western Anatomy & Physiology¬†
  • Fundamentals of Examination & Vitals
  • First Aid & CPR¬†
  • Suturing & Basic Medic¬†Training¬†
  • Forest Medic Training¬†
  • BodyTalk
  • Body Intuitive¬†
  • Mindscape¬†
  • Western Herbalism¬†
  • Food As Medicine¬†
  • Intro To Classical Chinese Medicine¬†
  • Acupressure
  • Functional Movement & Posture

Students Also Get hands on learning through...

Community Clinics & Training 

Monthly clinics for students and families support access to front line health services and the transformation of community wellbeing.

Cooking Lessons & Shared Meals 

Daily meals are prepared based on the season and local ingredients providing hands on experience of cooking and meal planning while learning about nutrition and herbs. 

Personalized Wellness Kits 

Students will make goal based wellness plans each educational block and create wellness kits tailored to their unique needs and goals. 

Foraging & Sustainable Medicine Making 

Students will learn to wild harvest and wildcraft medicines in an aligned and ethical manner during expeditionary learning.