Water is life

philosphy water element water element lifestyle Dec 27, 2021

Our body is said to be 80% water, like oceans, lakes, rivers and tributaries of life blood flowing through earth's vast  landscape covering her surface and bounty.

Water comes in many forms and power expressed in the nuance of each pattern. 

Rains that mists the surface of plants and land, like perspiration on the back of the neck after a hard workout. The pathway of torrential downpour cutting through the landscape, like a bead of sweat dripping off the brow leaving a saltwater trail behind it. 

The pooling on the surfaces crust seeping in, penetrating the ground becoming a resource for crops &  vital nutrients washing through soil. Like a body, hardened by time and work, sinking deep into a mineral pool, hydrated and intoxicated by cleansing renewal. Lakes collecting over a stable foundation underneath them, creating vast reflections that become the mind of consciousnesses mirroring the image of the worlds around it.  Holding these wells of depth, stillness and reverence, housing and pooling the strength of water to be contained in great depths and ecosystems of power and reserve.  

Rivers cutting through the sides of a mountain naturally flowing downward. The pull of gravity collecting purity from the snow capped frozen mountainous ice, eventually flowing with great force, creating rapids wearing smooth surfaces across the base of  earthly beds formed into river rocks. Like the discipline of our commitments foraging a course that models and wears a new version of us. The expression of our creations over time enriched with mineral vitality and aliveness of procreation. 

The branching creeks finding their way back to the vast ocean of existence housing the unseen realms of oceanic memory within our souls and psyches. The water that nourishes the consciousness of our blood, enlivening and electrifying is as it moves through the arteries, veins and capillaries delivering consciousness and nutrients to all of our existence. 

Pooling saliva, like that of a spring bubbling up from the core, undeniable  passion awakened desire to exist, to live, to feel expression on our lips as we taste the essence of life. The tears that fall from joy, empathy, happiness and sadness through the process of loss and connection. 

Magic  alchemizing the  perfect fractal mixture of emotional cleansing, seeping from yin to yang, up and down,  ebb and flow, ever changing expression of life.

The sweat from action drawing from the deepest parts of our power through expression and movement. A willingness to work and put ourselves into existence. To the refined deepest concentration of fluid found in sperm & egg,  sexual fluids reminding us of the arousal of potential. The vast intimate parts of ourselves we share with others  secreting the juiciness of fluid interplay. Mixing of two things, a universal solvent,  to become one, procreation, survival and existence. 

Maybe we are just simply water  that reflects the myriad of rainbow light in our eyes, vibrated by fractal sound waves that ripple on the surface of our human fabric as  braided beings of  frequency and DNA, created containers of consciousness. 

Water in its many forms 


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