The Culinary Alchemist

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Drigo Richardson is a Miami based health-supportive Culinary Alchemist. He is a natural foods oracle, cooking class instructor, health and wellness consultant specializing in raw food, vegan, vegetarian & plant based cuisine. Drigo grew up around griots who told stories with their food. He comes from a family of restaurateurs, cooks, dubbers, bubblahs, and rubbas. Generations of history from several Caribbean islands are encoded in his DNA, so the saga of heritage speaks through his food.

Culinary Alchemist“Culinary Alchemist” TM refers to a person who uses organic ingredients and carefully transforms them into nutritious and healing dishes. in mind flavor profiles, the consumers optimal health and using the local, sustainable produce into amazing dishes.

Drigo has found his life’s purpose by making the connection between how food affects our mind, body and soul. Which has now become one of his passions. Sharing how we can take control of our health mentally, physically and spiritually starting with the foods we put in our body.

“What we eat and how we cook affects our health & the prosperity of our community. When possible, food should always be sourced locally.”

Dreigo sources his ingredients from the local urban gardens and family farms when available in the miami area. “We have to take care of the earth so it can continue to nourish and heal us and generations to follow.”

Enjoy this series of sour inspired recipies cultivated by Dreigo and his daughters Alem and Samadhi; as they weave the taste of the local Florida landscape into gourmet high vibration vegan dishes.


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