The Colon

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The Colon is the Yang aspect of the metal element and responsible for extracting and absorbing the last bit of water out of our waste before elimination. it works to form the stool and process the release of excrement to rid the body of waste.

Waste physically is the byproduct of digested food as well as emotional and psychological experiences that are ready to be released. When we hold on to the waste we need to process we begin to self poison and hold on to toxic patterns.

The Colon related bio energetically to patterns of control, release, holding on or letting go.

Large Intestine 4 HeGu

  • Supports the free flow of Qi
  • Treats pain, cold and flu
  • Command point for the face and mouth
  • Treats Constipation
  • Supports release of grief, Depression & anger

Hold point with firm pressure or energetic awareness, breathe deeply into the point to activate and support elimination and release physically and emotionally.


  • The Colon is 5 Feet Long
  • Food Takes 12 to 48 Hours to Make Its Way Through the Colon
  • Approximately 100 Trillion Microbes Live in Your Colon
  • Your Colon Absorbs About 1 Quart of Water Each Day
  • Normal Frequency of Bowel Movements Varies




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