Stone Medicine for Spring

lifestyle wood element spring wood element Mar 16, 2021

Petrified wood

Is an amorphous solid that brings in an anchoring stable energy to support connecting to structure and form. It provides a grounding force during the spring energies of creativity and movement. USe this stone to create flow in inner being and becoming rooted in who you are in you inner power

Watermelon Tourmaline

The mix of green and bright pink together bring heart connection and new beginnings on the emotional and DNA level. Pink in this stone helps with heart centered DNA healing and the color of green here is supporting forgiving. This powerful connection beautifully blends to support healing karmic energies nestled in the seeds we plant so we don’t have to repeat trauma and dysfunctional patterns.


Brings life connection through the energetics of fresh supple spring green energies of new growth through joyful emotions and structure of its internal geometry.


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What is Crystal Medicine?

Crystals are natural solids that have specific internal geometry and an infinite range of hues, tones and colors. When crystals are used in energy healing, they promote powerful shifts in consciousness and more emotional well-being. The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is an energy medicine system that uses crystals as tools for soul healing and consciousness expansion. In the Cardinal Method perspective, the internal geometries of crystals align your mind with higher vibrations and bring you clarity and focus. Specific colors of crystals heal your emotions and soothe the soul. The results are fast and powerful, and you’ll feel improved levels of joy the more you use crystal healing in your life.




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