Spring Mixtape | Dj Awhat

mixtape mixtape wood element spring wood element Feb 19, 2021


Listen to the Dj Awhat Mixtape: 


Mixed by: Dj Awhat!

Life Krew/Stay Tuned 

Track List:

  1. Spring and Reasons Intro - Prod. Dj Awhat  Cuts Dj Awhat
  2. Superwomen - Figub Brazlevic 
  3. Season Change - Shabaam Shadeeq 
  4. It’s for you Instrumental - Prod. Deca 
  5. Vortex - Dragon Fli Empire 
  6. Maintain - Neon Brown/Vursatyl 
  7. Shine on Instrumental - Dudly Perkins/Georgia Ann Muldrow
  8. Seasons - Cunninlynguists feat. Masta Ace 
  9. Part of the World Instrumental - Heralds of Change 
  10. Yellow Dandelion - Joe Armon Jones feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow 
  11. Suratal Inklas (Fulgeance Rmx) - Doug Carn/ Abdul Rahim Ibrahim 
  12. Stay the Same - Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana 
  13. Fresh Leaf - Ichiban 
  14. Sunshine and Promises - Inkline 
  15. Herbalicious - Ichiban 
  16. Feels Like Spring - Mythik 


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