Spinal Reset Practice

lifestyle medicine water element water element qi gong Jan 14, 2022

This powerful spinal reset practice will help release tension and restriction from the spine and help to alleviate pain. Winter time can increase joint stiffness and bring up symptoms  like back pain and restriction. This simple spinal balancing routine is one of my favorite daily practices to keep energy flowing though the spine and stay flexible in the winter. 

The spinal reset practice when done regularly will enhance the overall health of the spine and its alignment. I think of it like flossing your teeth, but actually flossing the joints of your spine.

This practice gets at moving through all of the primary movement mechanisms of the spine in a coordinated way  for balance and increased energy. The spine gives direct access to  all your organs, nervous system, muscular skeletal system and modulates freedom of movement.

Immediately you will feel more open, energized and connected after practicing. 

 This practice is based on a therapeutic method from Bertha Carey (sp.?) , who was a chiropractor. She used to sit her patients on a piano bench in her home and used this method to adjust people's spines and bring them into alignment. This version of her method is a self application for spinal adjustment that relies of rotating and rocking the spine back into self correction.  

 Water element energies rule the bones as well as the brain and spine articulations, or bones around the spinal cord. This practice will assure winter spine health during the season when the water element is highlighted.

It is a powerful  practice to support overall nervous system communication and balance which are crucial for water element harmony. 

The Spinal reset practice has the power to enhance vitality, activity,  flexibility and fluidity through the spine to support overall health and keep us vital in winter. 

 The spine has four primary mechanisms of movement That are combined in explored in this routine:





 This simple movement exercise gets at all of these movements and resets their relationship to overall spinal movement patterns.  This practice is a great daily routine to keep you vital, flexible and pain free . Overall it will help your spine integrate better posture, alignment and nervous system communication.

Enjoy this simple self adjustment exercise anytime you need a little more range of motion fluidity and movement into the whole body! 

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