Return to your Heart

autumn earth element lifestyle earth element qi gong earth element Feb 02, 2021


The Summer of 2021 hit the world with a full on insurrection; from inflamed cultural differences, political polarization, extreme heat, and excess yang. The pendulum has shifted in nature towards fall and many people have been left raw mentally, physically and emotionally. The ancient art of qi gong and the healing sounds practice offers a medicine close to our bodies natural capacity for harmony though the union of sound and breath.

Qi gongs origins are tied back to the sound shhhhhhh that a mother makes with her breath to calm a child who is upset, frustrated or overwhelmed. The Healing sounds practices are powerful way to tune the tone and notes of our organ systems to a natural harmonic restoration of function and clarity.

Return to your heart center with this simple yet powerful sound healing practice as a resource to enhance your inner truth and stabilize your wisdom in trying times. Forget about “fake” news and learn to listen to the inner broadcast of heart intelligence that reflects the frequency of nature and earth energies as the resonant link between us and all people, planetary energies, plants and animals. What is your heart song telling you?


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