Oregon Grape Tincture

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Process the stems into medicine as soon as possible after harvest. Once they dry (which happens quickly) they become hard & difficult to work with.

Starting at the base of the stem using a vegetable peeler or paring knife remove the top brown layer of bark to reveal the bright orange-yellow layer underneath, this is the inner bark & what you will primarily use to make your tincture.

Once you’ve filled your jar with plant material, pour 100 proof vodka over it till it is completely covered. Screw the lid on securely & label with the date your tincture was made & what’s in it.

Shake your Oregon grape tincture daily to encourage full extraction & allow it to sit in a dark place for 2-6 weeks, after which you can strain out the bark & store for use in a dark glass bottle

Suggested uses are as a digestive bitter in springtime or topically mixed with a little water to speed wound healing & reduce the chance of infection in cuts & abrasions.

There are really too many uses for Oregon grape tincture to list here as I’ve found that each person seems to have their own favorite way of using it. However I encourage you to research & note your own findings as you work with this magical plant spirit.


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