Oregon Grape

herbs wood element spring wood element Mar 16, 2021


Mahonia Aquifolium

The spirit of the Oregon grape is a strong and dry like wood. He’s a traveler, firm and able bodied. He moves along the country side in a serious manner spreading his truth and helping out those in need. His berries are the hard earned sweetness that comes from learning his way. Oregon grape is intelligent and soulful and able. He pushes us to be our best selves and stay moving. He doesn’t get too far rooted in any one place. It is his nature to stay in motion and spread the gray- green vibration of being of sound mind. He teaches the gifts of having good boundaries and guarding the heart. He also teaches one to move in the wisdom of those who have come before. He is a priest, a sage, a spirit of sobriety and discipline that warns of taking too much.


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