Meditation & The Mind

podcast podcast water element Aug 12, 2021

Listen in to this thought provoking dive into the origins of the mind with Xilin Zhu Tai Chi practitioner and meditation expert. Learn the root of alchemical source and its influence on the mind and how the ancient art of meditation is used to master the brain. 
Participate in a guided meditation at the end of the episode to enhance overall being though the mind. 

Reasons & Season Podcast is part of a digital interactive platform illustrating seasonal living though creativity, food as medicine, art and philosophy with leaders inn the fields of Tai Chi and Martial arts, Herbalism, Creativity and Medicine 

Topics include:

  • Meditation and Tai Qi 
  • Standing Meditation 
  • Alchemy of Yin & Yang 
  • Guided Meditation for the mind 

Host: Elzabieta 
Guest : Xilin Zhu
Featuring Excerpts from the book Sweat The Technique by RAKIM & original production by Ichiban

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