Joyful Movement Qi Gong Practices

qi gong Sep 03, 2022
sunrise qi gong

Are you ready for fun, functional & purpose-driven ways to get your body moving no matter what your fitness level? Join us for our Joyful Movement series where Reasons & Season multimedia Health Education platform, takes us through a new Qigong Daily Routine each week designed to uplift, revitalize and awaren your overall energy. 

Episode 1: Sunrise Qi Gong  


Episode 2: Increse Lung Capacity 

Episode 3: Wake Up The Brain 


What is C60?

C60 is the single-most powerful antioxidant ever discovered—a naturally occurring molecule that may be the most amazing chemistry discovery of the century.

“C60” is short for Carbon 60. It’s a molecule with 60 tiny atoms shaped like a hollow soccer ball and characterized by those who’ve studied it as a “free radical sponge”. Not only is it several hundred times more powerful than conventional antioxidants, it can actually “reset” itself. So, while typical antioxidants can only neutralize one free radical at a time, C60’s free radical neutralizing power never diminishes.

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