Homemade Herbal Gin

herbs water element recipe water element Feb 12, 2022
Herbal Gin

Herbal Gin 

16 Oz good quality vodka 

8-10 muddled Juniper berries 

8-10 Rose hips 

1 tbs Black pepper corn 

1 tbs Schisandra 

Mix all herbs in a quart jar and pour vodka over, seal and shake. Let infuse 24-48 hours before straining herbs. You can add more flavoring like fruit or additional herbs (cardamom, cinnamon, rosemary, anise) after straining for an additional infusion. Strain through a water filter like Brita to clarify liquid, this step is not necessary but useful if you prefer a clear spirit. You can also experiment with longer infusion times deepen the potency. 

Traditionally herbal gins were used for digestive issues, kidney stones, urinary tract infections   and pain and historically were a staple in many apothecaries as a tincture form of dosing juniper. The mixing of gin with tonic water also has been used to treat fevers and even malaria. Gin can provide good relief for menstrual and low back pain as well. 

Use like a tincture 1-2 droppers a few times a day for kidney and bladder support or enjoy as part of a creative cocktail or traditional gin and tonic 


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