Ginger Plant Medicine

autumn herbs metal element herbs water element metal element water element winter Feb 25, 2021

 Ginger is the light of the world.
The sun in a plant.

He directs and pushes.

He exposes that which is in
darkness and creates movement for all that has been stagnant.

He moves like a great prophet who speaks in parables and dazzles the believers with solar powered
wind magic.

He travels by foot through hot deserts and greets everyone he meets with a divine message and eyes like blazing fire.

 Learn about gingers powerhouse of medicinal properties with plant spirit journeyman Monti Clevah of Jiridon Apothecary   This plant ally can be incorporated into foods, teas, steams and compresses for a wide array of benefits! Interested to try out some kitchen pharmacy food as medicine spicy ginger recipes? Visit our autumn recipes section 

Ginger is a nourishing plant companion for this season. Her pungent, warming energies are symbolic of keeping the hearth fire lit and maintained. She supports immune system health and is a master at digestion- a very important task of the times of interiority. We must digest and glean all we can from the prior phases to reach our potential of growth and self refinement. Ginger supports the digestive fires to warm the interior as we take the autumn inward journey to the interior and helps disperse aiding in the action of eliminating and letting go.  Ginger is a plant used daily worldwide that can be found in most supermarkets and is the perfect ally for fall health. 

Ginger by GrowLove, Original art spray paint on canvas

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