Chong Qi

metal element qi gong qi gong metal element winter Jan 20, 2021


The qi of breath is known as chong qi it is ruled by the lungs. The lungs work to expand and contract bringing breath in and out of the body modulating the connection between the human being and environment. The lungs are also known to be the minister of ecclesiastic affairs supporting the capacity to attach and engage with the spiritual realms.

The depth and quality of the breath depends on the depth and quality of this qi and its capacity to move water downward and mist or distribute its energy over the organ systems. Chong Qi is located in the upper respiratory system the lungs heart and throat. This qi can be impacted negatively by air pollution and weakened in this qi correlates to shallow breathing patterns. The Emotions of grief, sadness, worry and guilt are closely associated to this type of qi. Chong Qi can regenerate quickly with support of clean air, deep breathing practices and the processing of stuck emotions.



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