herbs wood element spring wood element Mar 16, 2021


  • Supports Blood Energetically
  • Releases Stagnation from winter
  • Jumpstart operations & functions
  • Tonic to move energies
  • Slightly Bitter Digestive
  • Supports inner expression & vitality

Burdock is a big spirit. She is relaxed and artistic. She is rhythmic and teaches us to stretch and open our hearts and our minds and especially our bodies. She moves in a creative space, driving us towards the spontaneous and spirit led. She is not a spirit for un-natural or forced schedules. She moves with unseen. She wants only the authentic and raw to express itself. She wants to cleanse away the tension and the tight clothing and the masks. She is the bra off, hair down spirit of the plant world. Her love is cleansing and purifying like a blue green breeze. There is a sweetness and a crispness to her. She is an angelic force who finds her spot, buckles down and doesn’t move until her artistic expression is complete.


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