Between Heaven and Earth

earth element lifestyle earth element summer Jan 20, 2021

Between heaven and earth, mankind is precious.
Man’s head is round to symbolize the shape of heaven.
The foot is square to symbolize the shape of earth.
Heaven has four seasons; man has four limbs.
Heaven has five phases;
man has five viscera (zang).
Heaven has six extremes
(i.e., upper, lower, north, south, east, west);
man has six bowels (fu).
Heaven has eight winds
(i.e., winds that blow from the eight cardinal points);
man has eight joints.
Heaven has nine stars; man has nine orifices.
Heaven has twelve time periods; man has twelve meridians.
Heaven has twenty-four solar terms;
man has twenty-four shù points
(acupuncture points that run bilaterally alone the spine).
Heaven has three hundred and sixty five degrees; man has three hundred and sixty five bones and joints.
Heaven has sun and moon; man has eyes.
Heaven has day and night; man has wakening and sleep.
Heaven has thunder and lightning; man has joy and anger.
Heaven has rain and dew; man has snivel and tears.
Heaven has yin and yang; man has cold and heat.
Earth has springs and water; man has blood and vessels.
Earth has grass and woods; man has hair on his skin and head.
Earth has metal and stones; man has teeth.

- Sun Si Miao



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