Accessing your Primal Blueprint

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There is an interesting movement looking at how we can return to our primal blueprint. The primal blueprint concept brings us closer to our evolutionary process that connects us to activities and behaviors of our ancestors, that were habits and functions that led to creating and preserving versatile, strong, capable human health and expression. The concept behind the primal blueprint is simple and brings us closer to natural ways of living that includes the consumption of a balanced diet,  eliminating the bulk of processed foods, incorporating movement, playfulness, rest and mental capacity as a framework for healthy living. 


Returning to our roots with diet 

From a dietary perspective eating real whole foods and avoiding foods that have been processed or contain refined sugar as well as avoiding hydrogenated fats. Many schools of primal though avoid newly engineered modern grains or eliminate all grains and opt for a more hunter gatherer style approach to eating. Trends around intermittent fasting and paleo diet are associated with primal diets as well. Seasonal eating and eating foods that are hyper local or growing you own food is not only a way to control what is put into your food but also assure more nutrient density. Eliminating any genetically modified foods that will introduce foreign DNA that has been altered is also advisable.  


Movement with purpose

Movement and exercise  include movement that engages the body’s natural tendency to do heavy lifting, have bursts of intensity and maintain  regular consistent movement. We’ve seen an upswing in the high intensity interval training processes in conjunction with primal living approaches that activate cellular mechanisms for enhancing the release of growth hormones and burning fat. The approach to lifting heavy things helps us search back to our ancestors strengths and tendencies as farmers, as well as manual laborers, to be using their body to create. Movements that include pushing,  squatting, pulling and twisting are favored to impact and influence on the production growth hormones, metabolic function, increased dynamic flexibility and muscle strength. Moderate activity that is incorporated into daily living that isn’t too intense, such as brisk walking, bike riding, hiking or even swimming is  especially important to our modern culture that spends a lot of time sitting at desks and in front of computer screens.


Reset our rest rhythms 

The depth and quality of our sleep has also been considered one of the factors in the primal blueprint. Looking at the process of growth, regeneration and rehabilitation from action is key. The body’s capacity to restore and balance is assured though a healthy sleep cycle. Avoiding swing cycles that include changes in daily rhythm of rest and wakeful periods is a simple starting point, the old adage of “up with the sun down with the sun” is a phenomenal framework to set our body’s internal circadian rhythm to the natural rhythms around us. Naturally engaging active energies during the day and shifting into reprieve and turning inward during the night time is key. We want to do most of our active processing while the sun is out and then wind down into rest when its is dark so the body can have resources to do its daily repair and growth. In sleep we mature physically and psychologically learning our lessons and reaping the benefits of our life.

 Soak up the sun 

Taking in daily sunlight allows the body to make vitamin D that is vital to health, and has a powerful effect on  immune system function and mood, which in turn impacts capacity to interface and connect with others through productive and capable outcomes of achieving. Being with the sun, particularly in the early hours of the day after sunrise  and late hours of the afternoon before sunset allows the body to safely consume direct exposure to sunlight. Connection to the sun enhances the circadian rhythm, by tapping us into our natural inner clock that is modulated by light. 

Enjoy your hearts desire for joy 

Spending time actively engaging in joyful activity that brings us into a state of playful connectivity is an important factor in negating harmful effects of stress and overwork. Play is a powerful psychological tool and resource to help us connect to freedom and creativity. Bringing a natural sense of expression and exchange into our relationships and curiosity. Avoiding undue emotional overwhelm and stress is a very important strategy to help us maintain a healthy mind body balance. 

Get your traumas lies and alibis in check 

Self medication and altering our functioning through drug use, whether it be recreation or prescription based, and tendencies to escape stress and trauma cause us to disconnect from reality and our environment. Self destructive behaviors that have many detrimental effects on the mind body system impact our capacity to understand our instincts and can lead to a distorted sense of self awareness. Aberrant or maladaptive psychological and or behavioral practices caused by stress or trauma should be worked through on mental, spiritual, physical and emotional levels. Making sure we are not living in false realities or lies and excuses that limit our potential to grow.  

Detox and defrag 

We are facing challenges that are more and more difficult and dense to navigate in the realm of toxicity and poison. Making healthy choices in food eating organic when possible to avoid food based chemicals and additives. Learning to read labels and assure you are avoiding personal care products that have toxic and harmful ingredients. Air and water pollution has a detrimental effect on the function of the DNA as well as the biological day to day processes of our body. Toxicity is found to be a contributing and causative factor in many disorders and disease processes, including hormone issues digestive issues, cognitive dysfunction, as well as mental and emotional disturbances. 

 Making a concerted effort to avoid toxins at all possible, rates, as well as enhancing dietary or supplemental support for detoxification is crucial in navigating our modern times.  Foods that are rich in antioxidants, as well as supplements that have high antioxidant profiles like C60 Purple Power have a powerful counter action to toxins and can help support relieving some of the burden on our body systems. Assuring that our pathways of elimination are open and expanding us through a daily expression of releasing wastes crucial to modern health.


Accept the spirit of challenge 

Making sure that you are exercising your consciousness and brain through intellect and creativity is a powerful way to stimulate awareness and expand, evolve and express ourselves in the world.  Taking time to challenge yourself mentally through learning and interaction is an important aspect of assuring overall health and well being. By tapping into your inner inventor, innovator or creative self you will naturally engender more motivation and seeking out of purpose, which makes life worth living. 

 Redefine the potentials of our DNA 

We’re facing a shift in medicine, as we know it towards cultivation, preservation and prevention, whether that be through the emerging technological advances coming into medicine or it be tapping back into the natural rhythms of our existence and awakening potential through lifestyle medicine. Now more than ever, we are faced with redefining how we live our lives and care for ourselves. Our ancestors’ habits and patterns are found, deep within our tendencies and our sources that we have the capacity to transform and tap into as sources of strength and evolution into forward generations. 


The final days of winter are the perfect time to tap into your primal blueprint for living…

The winter time taps us into the deeper core of our codes of genetic information the seasonal highlight is on how we will carry this preservation of information and intelligence into future generations. It is a valuable lesson to learn how you may begin to preserve and enhance the energetic blueprints or genes you were given, and your potential for rewriting and mastering their expression. When we touch into the deeper core potentials of the self, it naturally brings us closer to understanding our nature and learning how to nurture that potential through lifestyle choices. Knowing what makes you tick, and the stories of your ancestors, discovering what is in the shadows or expression of their influence is information carried within your bones, your genes and the core potential deep within the self. 


It is through this discovery, we awaken the patterns of our karma and tap into the frequencies of our destiny, a space where lifestyle gives us an opportunity to work with fate and carry us closer towards our greatness. A place to transform the deficits that were endured before us. Looking inward in the winter time, year by year carries a closer potential of listening to the deeper truth of the self, which gives you immediate access to understanding how you wish to preserve and cultivate that essence through your work, your willingness, your creations your fertility and ultimately, sexual exchange, procreation and preservation of your lineage. 


As we navigate a changing environment and the social and biological expressions of our past that are bubbling to the surface of our awareness. The question of 2022 brings us back to  what are you investing your energy into? We are at a place in history where there is a split on the pathways forward of human evolution a place where we give our power over to powers that are crumbling or remember the future that awaits us though uncoiling the pattern language within nature and ourselves as one in the same. 

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