Ancient Wisdom for Modern Learning 

A seasonal learning lab focused on holistic education   through elemental wisdom for homeschool families in the San Luis Valley & South West regional community networks. 


Embrace & Activate

Wood | Fire | Earth | Metal | Water


Seasonal Relevance

Dynamic learning frameworks woven into a tapestry of subjects informed by the wisdom of nature. Elementally and seasonally inspired lessons & sessions. 

Immersive Learning 

Interactive hybrid learning modules for students featuring hands on application, experiential opportunities and a self directed digital library of curriculums and lessons 

Educational Media 

Creative content materials ranging from traditional lecture,  art, storytelling, podcasts and digital media to share in the creating of a culture of self directed learning and innovative teaching methods. 

Engaging Courses

Teacher-led courses focused on Health education, embodiment, universal mathematics, ecological sciences, creative expression, movement artsand beyond  

Our Philosophy 

The pursuit of knowledge of self through awakening unique purpose and potential for self directed living and learning is what is missing from modern public education frameworks. We are a group of parents and teachers who believe in a better way of un-schooling and educating our youth. Through engagement of the heart and dynamic studies of human form, function and  consciousness we seek to awaken our future leaders and change makers.  We embrace experiential classrooms, application based learning  and following natures pattern language to foster the innovation and imagination of our next generation.

We prioritize classrooms that build connectivity on a primary level, movement eduction that awakens embodiment, and tangible learning frameworks  that are rooted in ecological wisdom.

We seek to inspire and champion each students unique purpose and drive by uplifting and following the guidance of their innate intelligence. 

Learning Laboratories we cultivate: 

  • Homeschool kitchen tables, gardens, movement spaces and independent study nooks.¬†
  • Digital on demand courses for self directed study, supplementary learning and follow up.¬†
  • Community intensives and actions centered around multi generational skill building and service.¬†
  • Nature Immersion to discover re-wilding our psyches and deepening our connection to the pattern language of mother earth.¬†

Learn more about our 2024-2025 Program 

Join our Middle/ High school age homeschool cohort in Crestone, Colorado or learn more about attending community immersive learning opportunities. 

Elemental Wisdom 

Our course offerings follow the Classical Chinese 5 element framework and the natural rhythm of seasonal embodiment . We utilize the lenses of each element and its corresponding season to weave themes into lessons and subjects. Application based learning initiatives along with seasonal curriculum blocks rooted in health, mathematics, history language and movement arts are designed to recalibrate and awaken each students unique purpose and capacity for dynamic thinking. 

Learn & Thrive in all Seasons


Our season and element-based educational content is designed to help students navigate each season in an informed way. Course subjects and projects align with the rhythms of nature while exploring multi disciplinary approaches to learning. The elements provide a scaffolding for math, health, history and language lessons supporting students to embody living in harmony with their inner and outer ebbs and flows.



Ecological Intelligence  

 We believe in the profound impact of nature immersion and the critical importance of biodiversity studies in shaping a sustainable future. Our educational approach is rooted in the principle that direct engagement with the natural world fosters a deeper understanding, respect, and passion for the environment that surrounds us. Our programs are designed not just to educate but to inspire action and cultivate a community of informed, environmentally conscious individuals.

An Immersive Experience


Educational immersion in nature from an expeditionary framework is designed to invoke both a deep reverence and cultivate a relationship with nature as a classroom. We add in service, conservation and restoration arts thought the practices of the elements including indigenous fire wisdom, ecological earth design practices, water conservation and bioregional indegenous  forest management practices 

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Universal Mathematics & Language Arts 

We believe mathematics and language arts are not just about reiteration, numbers and formulas‚ÄĒThey are¬†the foundation of decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking in the real world. Our unique educational approach brings mathematics and language arts to life, focusing on application-based learning that prepares students¬†for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

For Inspired Living

Dive into the world of literacy, where numbers and literature tell the story of success and sustainability. Master the art of business management through the lens of mathematical precision, understanding the balance and beauty of efficient operations. Explore the depths of number theory, geometry, and their practical applications in everyday life and the environment around us. Our courses are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world applications.


Health Education 

Our students learn to master the mind, body and spirit though dynamic curriculums centered around eastern and western anatomy and physiology, consciousness, psychology, behavioral health and social and emotional learning to engender true knowledge of self and empowerment. Health education is the backbone for our students self empowerment and lifestyle. We believe health individuals who embody knowledge of self have the capacity to change their circumstances, their community and ultimately the world 

Teacher-Led Training


Students have access yo  professionally produced and skill based wellness courses led by Master Instructors in various disciplines. We focus on understanding mind body psychology, consciousness based healthcare skills,  seasonal resiliency, meditation, martial arts, qi gong, herbalism and much more.


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Multi Generational Community Intensives 

We believe in the power of community. We understand that learning and growth are not confined to any single age group or demographic. That's why we're proud to offer multigenerational learning intensives and service projects designed to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity, understanding, and shared purpose.

Support & be Supported


Our multigenerational learning programs are more than just courses; they're an opportunity for individuals of all ages to come together, share their knowledge, and learn from each other. From the wisdom of our elders to the fresh perspectives of our youth, these programs blend diverse insights, creating a rich learning environment. By focusing on service based learning intensive's centered around health, ecological design and the arts, we not only promote physical well-being but also encourage a holistic approach to community engagement, restoration that benefits nature, our minds and spirits.

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