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Seasonal Health

Recipes, movement practices, music and more centered around each season and it's element 

Digital Magazine

An interactive digital magazine focused on seasonal wellness and easily accessible practices

Educational Podcast

A professionally produced podcast filled with seasonal wellness education and special guests

Wellness Courses

Teacher-led wellness courses focused on seasonal wellness, qi gong, yin yoga, and more

Creator, Host, and Teacher

Integrative Medicine Professional with 20+ Years Experience

Elzabieta Kosmicki

Elzabieta has professional credentials in BodyTalk, Classical Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, Somatic Therapy, Women’s and Children’s Health, Eastern and Western Herbalism, Qi Gong, and Martial Arts.  

Over the last 15 years, her full-time clinical practice in integrative health has included community health, public health, and private practice.

She currently offers professional level certification courses In BodyTalk, Advanced Manual Therapy,  distance healing, and classes in the art of Dao Yin Yoga, Qi Gong and Enshin Karate at her Dojo In Crestone, Colorado.


Seasonal Health

Element-based recipes, yoga, qi gong, music, podcasts and more

Thrive in all Seasons


Our season and element-based content is designed to help you navigate each season in an informed way. Practices, recipes, and guidance inspired by modern and ancient wisdom.



Digital Magazine

An interactive digital magazine focused on optimizing your health, happiness and wellness

An Immersive Experience


Educational content focused on holistic seasonal health. An interactive, immersive experience including audio, video, yoga, qi gong, recipes and healing arts!


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Educational Podcast

A podcast focused on the modern application of ancient wisdom

For Inspired Living


Professionally produced, the Reasons & Seasons Podcast features special guests from myriad disciplines, education, and practices you can integrate into your life.



Wellness Courses

Take your health practice to a new level by studying with our Teachers

Teacher-Led Training


Access professionally produced wellness courses led by Master Instructors in various disciplines. Resiliency, meditation, qi gong, herbalism and much more.



Supportive Community

A place where you can support and be supported

Support & be Supported


Cooperation and support in community are a part of the fundamental makeup of what it means to be human. Reasons & Season is a place where you can bond with others around shared values, needs and goals.